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Cristina Martins Grant: mother, dreamer and an enthusiastic, creative entrepreneur, creator of her own clothing brand QUEEN TITÍNE and QUEENTITÍNE.COM. My clothes are aimed at the woman who is a warrior, active, a loyal friend, family oriented, dynamic and confident. I want to dress the working woman, homemaker, fighter… with my clothes that have been created and inspired by my native country, Guinea Bissau, and by African women who incorporate African Print in their daily, social, working and family activities, always adding a touch of colour and joy to day to day life.



Queen Titine was the brain child of a strong and determined woman concerned with the well being of others, who despite her difficult childhood that was marked by the death of her mother, a woman who dedicated her life to those around her, supported by her strong faith. “My mama, my tower of strength.”

It was thanks to her that QUEEN TITÍNE came into being, and from my interest when following her death, I first developed my passion for fashion and discovered African Print design. What I loved about this style was its versatility and how it made me feel, lifting my spirits and connecting me with THE WOMEN IN MY LIFE!  My sisters, my mother, cousins, friends, neighbours, not to mention the elegant ladies of Guinea society, the women of my church with their brilliant careers, mothers dressed in their African clothes, meticulously tailored in fabulous fabrics.

I decided to mix African and Western fashion together because I think they complement each other to perfection. Since then, this has been my style and the way I dress, my way of looking at the world around me and expressing myself through my clothes. My designs are always full of colour and sophistication, with clothes that make me feel a powerful woman at every season of the year. I love vibrant colours and the joy that they bring; my work is connected to the essence of who I am, making every day a special occasion with QUEEN TITINE clothing.

QUEEN TITINE clothes are all hand made with organic sustainable fabrics; this is what defines our designs and our brand.

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